Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
ARTRONIQ Berhad operations are supported with latest technology and process that can improve product efficiency and effectiveness.


The Goals that
we strive to achive
  • Development of new resin compounds to cater for the changing customer's demands and Government's regulations in the wire, cable and automotive components industries.
  • Continuous improvement of its existing products to meet or even exceed international standards.
  • The formulation and development of various intermediate products such as masterbatches, polymer processing aids, stabilizers and polymer additives.
XLPE Crosslinkable | PE Crosslinkable | Masterbatch Anti Termite | Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) | HFFR Anti Termite


The lab is at the heart of ARTRONIQ's success. Tests are carried out on various materials using sophiscated and technologically avant-guard equipment to approve incoming raw material quality and guarantee quality throughout the production chain up to dispatch.


Testing make perfect.
We carried out variaty of tests to fulfill customer needs and requirements.
  • Hot Pressure Test
  • Gel Content Test
  • Durometer Hardness Test
  • Carbon Black Content Test
  • Limited Oxygen Index(LOI) Test
  • Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Test
  • Ageing Test
  • Hot Set Test
  • Smoke Density Test
  • Vertical Flame Test
  • Contamination Test
  • Melt Flow Index(MFI) Test
  • Density Test
  • Temperature Index Test
  • Tensile & Elongation Test
  • Stripping Force Test
  • Mechanical Properties Test
  • Volume Resistance Test

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